Rosnano Management Company


Vekselberg's ties: Forbes studied the structure of the billionaire's funds


Funds of Renova are invested into paper holdings of T Plus and Rosnano, and part of the assets are kept in Metkombank.   

How Anatoly Chubais was left without a mansion in Peredelki village


As Forbes found out, the manager of the Chubais's former family office registered his real estate worth around $40 million using his own name.   

Rosnano head Chubais's income exceeded 1 bln rubles in 2015


As Forbes found out, head of Rosnano Management Company, Anatoly Chubais, earned an income of more than 1 billion rubles in 2015. This is, as a minimum, 5 times bigger than his annual income for the previous 5 years.