Rosoboronexport prevents Venezuelans from shooting with a Kalashnikov assault rifle


The case of fraud in the construction of arms factories in Venezuela has been completed.

Rosoboronexport inherited in London


Foreigners attributed to "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov a billion pound store in London?

The weapon barons of Russia: Kalenov, Isaev, Mikheikin


The export of Russian weapons brings billions not only to the treasury, but also to state sales managers.

Land of Baron Mikheev


The young grandchildren of the head of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, turned out to be the owners of billions of land estates.

How Alexander Malakhov drowned the Chemezov missiles


The operator of an emergency transportation of the S-400 to China was a company from Petersburg that was connected with Rostec. Claims against 11 billion rubles are brought against her.

Rosoboronexport sold weapons on a record 19 billion dollars


The largest contract in the history of the company for the supply of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to India was concluded.

India has stopped paying Rosoboronexport since April


India can not pay for Russian weapons in US dollars because of sanctions. Officials are working out options for clearing payments in rupees.

The US wants to prevent India from buying Russian weapons


The US is trying to derail the largest defense contracts between Russia and India.

The scam with the plant of the concern "Kalashnikov" in Venezuela go on


A participant in the theft in the construction of arms factories in Venezuela received a soft term for important testimony.

"Motovilikha" does not pass through the competition


Creditors mashholding can not share the control over its bankruptcy.

Oleg Deripaska's debts will be paid by Russian taxpayers


The government of the Russian Federation has already expressed its readiness to help companies of oligarchs who fall under American sanctions. In financial terms, this could cost $ 13 billion.

Zits-chairman Mikhail Shelkov became a billionaire


Mikhail Shelkov, a former specialist in working with soft currencies in Rosoboronexport, controls the world's largest titanium producer, the VSMPO-Avisma corporation. According to Forbes, his fortune exceeds $ 1 billion.

Angolan satellite a little insured


If Angosat-1 is not found, then another device will be launched.

The $10 billion Russian-Indian defense project faces difficulties


However, a large package of arms contracts worth $ 6billion is almost ready.

Russian helicopters wouldn't fly to Afghanistan


The failure of the contract for the supply and maintenance of helicopters in Afghanistan Rosoboronexport tried to cover up by a strange attack in Paris on the chief aviation specialist of the company, Sergei Kornev, who headed the Russian delegation.

Helicopters retail


The ill-fated sale of shares of JSC Russian Helicopters finally succeeded: "a piece of the Motherland" was sold to some unknown Arabs. 

How Chemezov's friend invested in the car industry


Vitaly Maschitsky collected the shares of AvtoVAZ for Renault-Nissan, and the shares of Kamaz for Daimler.

Helicopters first of all: why the United States punished Rosoboronexport


Rosoboronexport, which supplied helicopters on the US request in the last year, ended up in the black list of the State Department. RBC investigated, what was the reason to punish the state arms exporter.

Iskander Makhmudov: how an engineer-translator became a billionaire


He took over copper and coal in battles of the 90s, built a monopoly around the monopoly of Russian Railways in the 2000s and encircled Moscow in the 2010s: his raider past did not prevent him from succeeding in the system of state capitalism.

Russian bankers have come up with their own response to the West.


Events around the Crimea gave Western analysts a reason think about the potential of the Russian army.