Alexander Narizhny got to the bottom of plastic dinosaurs


The authorities of Krasnodar take the land of a safari park in the city center. Protesters accuse the vice mayor of interest.

The fall of black pharmacist Igor Vorobey


A major bankrupcy is brewing in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia for the first time in recent years. The tax inspection revealed violations at the St. Petersburg company RIA Panda; the amount of pre-accrual amounted to 1,141,056,000 rubles.

Magnit for bankrupcy


Sergey Galitsky's Magnit gives ground. Soon the businessman will have no money for elite cars and football club. 

Alexander Prokopiev clears up the road to the dietary supplements market for Americans


Foreign pharmaceutical companies may soon completely replace the Russian manufacturers on the market of biological additives (BAA).

Rospotrebnadzor revealed the scheme of sending tourists to Turkey, bypassing sanctions


Rospotrebnadzor inspections revealed the scheme of sending Russian tourists on holidays to Turkey through the territory of neighboring countries.

Money on grass: who earns billions on bioadditives


Production of dietary supplements is a very profitable business. What can afford Russia's largest player on this market with the revenue of 7.4 billion rubles?

Rospotrebnadzor: inspection at Roshen was conducted "in the non-business and unfriendly atmosphere"


Russian inspectors left Ukraine on Friday without saying anything; on Monday it turned out that Roshen products are made under obsolete regulations.