Russian billionaires flee sports federations due to doping scandals


WADA issued a verdict - 4-year removal of Russia from participation in the Olympics and world championships. Who will be held responsible?

In Russia, there is no doping left


The WADA Executive Committee voted to restore the status of RUSADA.

WADA is ready to forgive Russia


At the same time, Moscow will not have to repent and admit to the existence of the state system for supporting doping.

Russian athletes are deprived of all


The IAAF threatens to ban them from performing at international tournaments even in neutral status.

WADA refused to restore RUSAD in the rights


Russia has more and more chances to "fly" past the 2018 Olympics.

FIFA World Cup 2018 won't be held in Russia


The feeling that the World Cup in 2018 will not take place in Russia, began to appear a long time ago. In recent years, there have been more and more events to strenghten this opinion.

How McLaren's report threats the career of Mutko


More than a thousand Russian athletes might have been involved in the machinations with a doping test, says a new report of Richard McLaren for WADA. Sources told RBC whether the scandal could cost Vitaly Mutko the post of deputy prime minister.

Sharapova, Mutko and other victims of meldonium


Fugitive doctor Rodchenkov promises new doping revelations.