Mikhail Vladimirovich Leontyev (born October 12, 1958, in Moscow) is a Russian pundit currently working on national TV Channel One. He is known for his program "Odnako" (Russian: "Однако") (Translated "However" or "Still"), irregularly appearing on air with commentaries on certain political occasions since March 1999. He is also a laureate of the "Golden pen of Russia" award and the TEFI award.

Leontyev made several scandalous accusations both in his own show and in various interviews, for some of which he underwent trials. In 2001 he accused Viktor Yuschenko's wife, Kateryna Yushchenko-Chumachenko, of influencing her husband's political decisions with the U.S. ideas, hinting that she is an agent of American government in Ukraine. Mrs. Yushchenko has won two libel cases regarding the accusations in 2002 in Ukrainian city of Kiev, but the Russian government refuses to take legal actions against Leontyev as ruled out by the Ukrainian court.

On January 14th, 2016, Leontyev became the spokesperson for Rosneft. In September of 2016, Leontyev vouched for the experience of Carter Page, former foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump, both in the oil industry and as an "authoritative" expert on Russia.

Alexei Bogachev could not cook cheese with Vadim Moshkovich


The minority shareholder of Magnit sold to Moshkovich his stake in the Bondarsky cheese plant in the Tambov region.

Vadim Moshkovich bought a few pigs


For the pig farm with 10.4 thousand sows in the Belgorod region holding Rusagro will pay 1.8 billion rubles immediately and another 1.9 billion will go to repay the debts.

Group "Rusagro" can buy a producer of marble pork


The group can buy a producer of marble pork, the company "Capitalagro".

Buyers lose interest in "White Bird"


Rusagro refused to buy the agricultural holding.

Vadim Moshkovich took up a bad job


The structure of billionaire Vadim Moshkovich began to develop 10.6 hectares in the Moscow industrial zone "South Port" in Pechatniki. Before bankruptcy, this territory belonged to the GC-155 Mikhail Balakin.

The Ministry of Economics proposes to hide data on major transactions of Russian corporations


FAS will not be able to publish information on the upcoming transactions of large companies, and they will, by the decision of the government, have the right not to disclose some of their data. The corresponding draft was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Sergei Kukura and his family are among the five largest latifundists in Russia


Under the control of the family of the former top manager of Lukoil, Volgo Don Agroinvest acquired assets of the Swedish Black Earth Farming in 2017, bringing its land bank to 452,000 hectares.

"Rusagro" fell into the financial tailspin


Agroholding Vadim Moshkovicha reported a decrease in revenue for the fourth consecutive quarter. He was led by low prices for sugar, grain and pork.

"Rusagro" catches "White Bird"


Vadim Moshkovich's group can claim the agroholding of Dmitry Ananyev.

Mitsui withdrew from the capital of one of the largest Russian agricultural holdings


In the future, cooperation with Rusagro Vadim Moshkovich is planned.

Why import substitution in the dairy industry failed


Despite the food embargo, milk production is declining, products are becoming more expensive, and demand for it is falling.

Miratorg expands the plowland


The holding can buy more than 30 thousand hectares from the NZK.

The largest pharmaceutical producer invested in a startup with Voloshin's capital


Pharmstandard put $1 million into the company Genotek, which is engaged in DNA research. Among the shareholders of the company are the former head of the presidential administration Alexander Voloshin, co-owner of the agricultural holding Rusagro Maxim Basov and a partner of Safmar Ventures.

Open space: why Vadim Moshkovich builds up a non-profit private school worth $50 million


Letovo school will be able to take in 1012 gifted students; 110 apartments will be build for teachers.

Queen of the fields: why Russia'ss largest agricultural holdings invest in soybeans


"There are no matches for it in the world anymore," as Russia's Vladimir Putin praised the soybeans about a year ago. After that, there was a decision to increase the soybean harvest in 2020 by three time. RBC finds out who invests into the new agricultural fetish.

"Agricultural lobby is one of the strongest and out of public view in Russia ..."


How the national system of state support of agriculture is arranged. An investigation by