Russian Central Bank


The Central Bank accused the Russians of the inability to assess inflation


Russia continues to widen the gap between official inflation recorded by Rosstat and the rate of price growth, which is observed by citizens of the country.

Otkritie and Binbank are absolute leaders in losses


Russian banks have published reports for the first nine months.

Russian ruble convertibility may be limited during the crisis


Obligatory sale of foreign exchange earnings, purchase of currency with the permission of the authorities, a special account for certain operations: the right to impose such measures is requested by the government and the Central Bank of the Ministry of Finance.

Sberbank wants to increase profits to one trillion


That's the profit of all Russian banks taken together.   

Before the rehabilitation of Otkritie, its shares had been bought by Trust Bank for 40 billion rubles


Those who have not redeemed the shares, won't get the money, the Central Bank explained.

Otkritie, Binbank and Trust spoiled the indicators of the Russian banking system


The Central Bank informed about the dynamics of the banking sector in September.

Orient Express Bank has come to a dead end


It is not excluded that the bank may soon have problems with the regulator.

The Central Bank increased the financial hole in the capital of Jugra Bank 12-fold


Initially, the negative capital of the bank was estimated at 7 billion rubles, now it is as high as 86 billion rubles.

The Central Bank of Russia will waive huge debts of Vadim Belyaev and his partners


65 billion rubles allocated by the state to support Otkritie Bank can be written off.

Free cash register of Olga Polyakova


What's the safest way to rob banks.

3.2 trillion rubles have been spent over three years to save Russian banks


The Russian banking system is gradually devolving into a "black hole" that devours the state money at a rate of trillion rubles a year without any signs of stabilization. 

The kick-back schemes of Clover Group came to an end


The developer unit of the Rosgosstrakh group, which now faces a financial distater, has no bright future. It is not excluded that in the coming months, the Russian law enforcement agencies will be interested in budget carving and kick-back schemes of the Clover Group.

Otkritie Bank was sunk by Rosgosstrakh


The insurance company and the bank of the same name, which belong to Danil Khachaturov, have been transferred to the owners of Otkritie and, ultimately, the government; for free, but with impressive debts.

Rosgosstrakh needs another 75 billion rubles


The new owner of the former leader of the third-party car insurance market in Russia , the Central Bank's Consolidation Fund, may need tens of billions to keep afloat. The expected loss of the insurance company in the next 2 years is 100-150 billion rubles.

The financial hole in Otkritie Bank is estimated at 1.2 trillion rubles


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has already invested 330 billion rubles in Otkritie Bank, now it has to waste at least 800 billion rubles more.

Oktritie Bank is under resolution


The Central Bank of Russia will save the important private bank at the expense of the budget. 

Russian Central Bank may become the owner of Otkritie Bank


This would be the first project of the banking consolidation fund.

RIA-Bank failed to reach the Crimea


The strategy of Vladimir Antonov remained on paper.

Nabiullina's vacuum cleaner: Russia may have less than 500 banks by the end of 2017


The Central Bank revoked the license from the Moscow "Riabank". In total, over the past four years, 362 banks have lost their licenses.

Major banks' July reports show no problems, Alfa-Bank, MKB, Promsvyazbank increased most of the indicators


Alfa-Bank, MKB, Promsvyazbank increased most of the indicators.

The court declined the request of Jugra Bank


It refused to involve the Prosecutor General's Office in the suit of Jugra Bank against the Central Bank and consider the bank's rescue plan.

The Central Bank of Russia recognized Spurt Bank as plundered


It turned out that a significant part of the loan portfolio of the bank had been spent to finance a large investment project of enterprises controlled by the beneficiary of the bank, whose financial position is assessed as critical. As a result, the license of Spurt has been withdrawn.