Russian Defense Ministry


Arctic-scale thefts


Co-owner of RusAlliance Stroy is accused of theft of millions in the construction of military facilities in Chukotka.

Colonel shared his bribe with a general


A former Deputy Commander of the Russian Interior Ministry troops has been arrested.

Life after Oboronservis


The defendants in Oboronservis case were, one by one, released on parole, and successfully returned to the business.

Germany and the Czech Republic help Russia to produce RS-28 Sarmat and Sineva missiles with nuclear warheads


Krasnoyarsk Machine Building Plant modernizes its equipment with new machines from the Czech Republic and Germany. The company manufactures space rockets and ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads: sea-launched Sineva and land-based RS-28 Sarmat (Satan-2 in NATO classification).

"We must not militarize the country endlessly"


Sergey Shoigu told State Duma deputies about the successes of the armed forces.

Landing denied


Belarus is barganing on the deployment of a Russian air base on its territory.

Admiral Kuznetsov's campaign cost the budget more than 7.5 billion rubles


Russia has spent from 7.5 billion to 10 billion rubles for the participation of the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in the Syrian campaign. The most expensive for the budget was the loss of two deck fighters.   

The Russian Ministry of Defense started massive infrastructure renewal


The Russian army is building  more than 2 thousand of infrastructure objects at the same time. The buildings are at the border with Ukraine, the North Caucasus and the Arctic.

On all frontlines


What legacy the Russian Defense Ministry will have in 2017.

The self-recording device told about the flaps


A new version of the Tu-154 crash.

RBC investigation: the lost decade of the Russian budget


On December 9, the State Duma adopted the country's budget for 2017-2019 in the final reading, which can be considered a historical event, at least on paper. Russia reduced government spending in nominal terms for the first time during the reign of Vladimir Putin since the early 2000s.

Not ready for the defense: why it is disadvantageous for Russia to fight


Siloviki, who actually "privatized" entire Russia, will probably say that any ordinary citizen underestimates the present danger and that defense expenditures must be increawsed. However, there are three points showing why it's wrong. 

Non-combat losses: the money of Sergey Shoygu's wife got stuck in Vneshprombank


Telatives of high-ranking officials turned up to be among the VIP-depositors of the troubled bank.