Russian Helicopters


The new russian helicopter for Arabs will be made in Italy


Denis Manturov plans to give the Italians the manufacture of the latest helicopter developed for Russia in Arabs.

Denis Manturov did not take off on the "Russian Helicopters"


Who benefits from the destruction of the Soviet design bureau Mil and Kamov.

Yuri Slyusar never got on the Chinese wing


China wants to sell the Russian-Chinese aircraft on the domestic market itself, but for Russia this makes the project meaningless.

Over the Russian air export threatened


Rosaviatsiya engaged in certification of vessels has not achieved recognition by foreign aviation authorities, without this no deliveries abroad are possible.

Chemezov spoke about plans to create an air concern modeled on Airbus


The Russian aviation industry will be united into one concern within Rostekh. However, the state corporations refused to join the JAC with the Helicopters of Russia due to the presence of minority shareholders in both companies.

"Helicopters of Russia" for the first time in five years increased the supply of helicopters


A sharp increase in demand for civilian equipment helped.

"Helicopters of Russia" asked the State Duma not to bomb Voronezh


"Helicopters of Russia" cooperate with foreign companies and hope that counter-forces will not have a negative impact on business. According to the head of the corporation Andrei Boginsky, the authorities should "approach reasonably" to this issue.

UAC will enter the Rostech at MS-21


And then it can be combined with the "Helicopters of Russia".

Rostech flies to the rescue


The state corporation consolidates all sanitary aviation of the Russian Federation.

Oboronprom fulfilled its mission faster than expected


The corporation fulfilled its mission, according to Rostekh.

Corporation "Helicopters of Russia" produces "blind" attack helicopters


Ex-Glavkom VKS Russia Viktor Bondarev said about the detected in Syria, "blindness" pilots Mi-28. According to him, the helicopter's electronics turned out to be a "failure", so the pilot simply "does not see anything".

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation allowed state companies to hide their suppliers


Care in the shadow of subcontractors should protect schemes for circumvention of sanctions.

Russian helicopters wouldn't fly to Afghanistan


The failure of the contract for the supply and maintenance of helicopters in Afghanistan Rosoboronexport tried to cover up by a strange attack in Paris on the chief aviation specialist of the company, Sergei Kornev, who headed the Russian delegation.

Russian Helicopters in a dead end


Rostelec's Russian Helicopters is unsuccessfully looking for approaches to the civilian market. Meanwhile, in Rostec itself thefts are widespread and the budgets are cut.

Helicopters retail


The ill-fated sale of shares of JSC Russian Helicopters finally succeeded: "a piece of the Motherland" was sold to some unknown Arabs. 

Country for a penny


Russia is waiting for a new privatization, senseless and merciless.

Russian helicopters cannot do without Ukrainian "Motor Sich"


Ukrainian company annually supplies up to 400 helicopter engines to the Russian customers.