Russian Ministry of Finance


Loans without the US: why the role of the dollar in the Russian external debt decreases


According to the Central Bank statistics, the share of the dollar in Russia's external debt was 60%, which is the minimum value since 2014. Borrowing in dollars becomes less profitable with the sanctions taking their toll, the experts say.

Central Bank of Russia concerned about foreign currency debts of companies


The regulator fears excessive borrowing.

Oil business of the Khotin family received benefits for 92 billion rubles


A small oil company Dulisma, which belongs to the Khotin family, manages to get export benefits faster than LUKOIL. The Ministry of Finance believes these benefits are justified and assesses budget losses from them at 92.5 billion rubles.

State-owned companies to be banned to finance the purchase of sports stars from the budget


Professional sports clubs will be limited in the right to spend the money received from the state and state-owned companies. The ban will affect the cost of sports agents and payments related to transfers of players.

Poker with bankers: how Igor Zyuzin beat Mechel creditors


Sberbank, VTB and Gazprombank could not deprive the founder of Mechel of control over the company. Now Igor Zyuzin is closer than ever to defeating the creditors

Russia has found an error in the amount of $21.7 billion in the decision of the Hague Court on Yukos


The former owners of Yukos had no right to sue Russia in the Hague, the international arbitration awarded them "extra" $21.7 billion of compensation, and Vladimir Putin meant something different. RBC studied the appeal of Russia in the Yukos case.

Two-fifths of the state rest in the shade


The IMF presented calculations of the magnitude of the public sector in the Russian economy.