Russian Orthodox Church


"Rusnano" God will help


The main innovative state holding "Rusnano" and the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) have agreed on a partnership.

An Orthodox Vatican will be built in Russia


The Russian Orthodox Church asks Putin to support the concept of turning the city into the capital of Orthodoxy.

Patriarch Kirill will build up in Pushkin for a budget account


The head of the Russian Orthodox Church will have a personal residence near St. Petersburg, worth 2.8 billion rubles.

Igor Altushkin and Andrei Kozitsyn laid out the road to the temple by protesters


Sponsors of the temple in Yekaterinburg, because of which there were massive clashes.

Cradle of restitution


St. Petersburg authorities have decided to transfer the St. Isaac's Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Russian Church's Bank financed the business of the organizer of the Crimean blockade


Enterprises of one of the organizers of the energy blockade of the Crimea, Lenur Islyamov, turned out to be the borrowers of Peresvet Bank. 

Orthodox Bank is no more


How the problems of the Russian Orthodox Church's bank Peresvet threaten its depositors. 

Investors are worried about Peresvet


News around the bank triggered the price fall of its papers.

"Fifth Empire", media war with Ukraine and Orthodox animation


Who and how to receive presidential grants for NGOs in 2016.

RBC Investigation: what the church lives upon


The welfare of the Orthodox Church is based not only on considerable state aid, generous donations and altrage of the flock; the Church also has its own business. However, how it spends the earned money is still a secret.