Russian Prosecutor General's Office


Russian Prosecutor General's Office will deal with illegal assets of Russians abroad


The office will receive new powers in the near future.

Dmitry Kamenschik agreed to retribution


The owner of Domodedovo is ready to compensate for the damage caused by a suicide bomber.

Businessman and human rights activist has been left in France


The Prosecutor General's request for the extradition of a defender in the case on theft of Stankoimport assets has been rejected.

800 mln rubles floated away from sumbarines


The management of a shipyard is charged with large-scale financial fraud.

Drug traffickers used bananas as a cover


The leader of the drug dealer group will be extradited to Russia.

"The gambling case" embroiled the Russian Investigative Commmittee with the Supreme Court


The gambling cas, which had caused a confrontation between the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office, led to a new conflict. This time, between the Investigative Committee and the Supreme Court.

Russia yanked a hitman out of the English justice


A professional killer, the citizen of Moldova Vitaly Proca, was extradited from Russia to Romania.