Russian Space Systems


VEB did not master the space project of the GIASS


The State Bank refused to finance the analogue of the American OneWeb, a global multifunctional infocommunication satellite system (GMISS).

Roskosmos sniffs "Ether"


The daughter of the corporation - Russian Space Systems - plans by 2025 to create a global satellite network "Efir" for 299 billion rubles. Users of the network will be able to make phone calls and access to the Internet segment that is not open by Roskomnadzor. Most likely, the Russian corporation as always does not work.

The GLONASS system crumbled


For a week the second satellite of the Russian global positioning system failed. Now in orbit there are only 22 operating vehicles with a minimum of 24 satellites.

Space Relief


As money for flights to the Moon and Mars got ZAO "Mercury".

Theft on space research led to an earthly prison


The defendants of the case about embezzlement of 400 million rubles allocated for GLONASS-M got punishment.