S7 Group


Vladislav Filev is nervous about SSJ 100


The co-owner of the S7 group, Vladislav Filev, asked the deputy head of the Ministry of Transport about the safety of the Sukhoi Superjet 100. He received no answer - he was asked to wait for the official results of the investigations into the incidents with this aircraft.

Natalia Fileva died because of the pilot


The cause of the death of the co-owner of the S7 Group is sought in the actions of the crew of its aircraft.

S7 co-owner Natalia Fileva crashed to death in Germany


S7 co-owner Natalia Fileva was killed in a plane crash in Germany. The plane in which it was located crashed on the way to Frankfurt am Main airport.

The Fillevs will invest $ 300 million in the purchase of Soviet rocket engines


S7 Space, a member of the S7 Group of the spouses of Natalia and Vladislav Fileev, wants to buy from the state 36 rocket engines NK-33 and NK-43 built during the USSR. Whence the businessmen owning the bankrupt project "Sea Launch", will take such money, it is not absolutely clear.

S7 Group was one of the first companies to introduce blocking


The remaining major Russian carriers do not want to deal with this technology yet.

The Fillevs have become owners of the Sea Launch


By November 2018, it is planned to deliver and assemble in the port of Long Beach in California a Zenit-3SL missile for the first launch from a floating spaceport.

Corporation S7 Space suffered a first setback


The private company did not save Russian space from a series of setbacks: the satellite "Angosat" (AngoSat-1) was put into a calculated orbit, but after a while the connection with him disappeared.

Engines unsuitable for a space contract


The agreement between S7 Group and Yuzhmash on the supply of Zenith rockets raised questions.

Space alien Vladislav Filev


Why the Russian businessman bought the floating cosmodrome "Sea Launch"?