"Sheremetyevo" airport

Vasily V. Anisimov (born 1951/52) is a Russian billionaire businessman. In the 1990s, he owned banks and aluminium plants, sold everything in 2000, and is now a property developer.

Vasily Anisimov has darted in and out of the spotlight since the 1990s, when he owned banks and aluminum plants. He liquidated everything in 2000, and kept a very low profile. Four years later, he emerged from the shadows as an investor in Metalloinvest, along with rising billionaires Alisher Usmanov and Andrei Skoch. Development company Coalco, owned by Anisimov, now has 44,000 acres of land near Moscow. 

He reserved a portion of this land for a high end village called Akulinino where friends of President Vladimir Putin, like billionaire Arkady Rotenberg and Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin, have built houses. Anisimov is friends with Rotenberg, who is Putin's former sparring partner, and since 2010 has headed the Russian Federation of Judo, Putin's favorite sport.

In 2017, Vasily Anisimov’s net worth was estimated to be $2.7 billion.

"Sheremetyevo" filed a lawsuit to VTB for early repayment of the loan


Airport listed bank $180.1 million of the princial debt and approximately $3.3 million of the credit interest to the bank, but it returned the money.