Disputes about the causes of the loss of the AngoSat-1 satellite are close to completion


VTB Insurance and Sogaz without proof of a freelance situation may not pay RSC Energia 121 million dollars. Then the corporation will have to create for Angola a second satellite in return for the deceased completely at its own expense - a minimum of $ 250 million.

Sogaz and VTB Insurance will create a giant of the Russian insurance market


In a number of market segments, the new company will become a monopolist.

Forty-second cousin: Mikhail Putin came to "Gazprom"


Vladimir Putin's cousin will become a member of the board of the gas corporation.

AngoSat-1 is out of sight


The first Angolan satellite will try to revive in April.

Insurers revealed the losses of the Russian army


The loss of Russian troops from participating in the war in Ukraine in the autumn of 2014 hardly exceeded a hundred people.

The devastating clan of Sergei Ivanov


The career rise of the "golden boy" Sergei Ivanov, Jr. naturally led to a disaster at the Alrosa mine in Yakutia. Hereditary chekists do not know how to create, but are trained only for sabotage.

In aid of Gref: what will Sergey Ivanov's son will do in Sberbank


SOGAZ Head Sergey Ivanov comes to Sberbank to the position of Senior Vice President. He will develop the "Wealth Management" block, as revenues from it are falling.