NASA will abandon the Russian "Soyuz" for flights to the ISS in 2019


NASA may refuse to purchase seats in Soyuz to send astronauts to the ISS in the next year.

Roskosmos sniffs "Ether"


The daughter of the corporation - Russian Space Systems - plans by 2025 to create a global satellite network "Efir" for 299 billion rubles. Users of the network will be able to make phone calls and access to the Internet segment that is not open by Roskomnadzor. Most likely, the Russian corporation as always does not work.

Roskosmos again kicked out of the presidential administration


Assistant Vladimir Putin Andrei Belousov criticized the "Roskosmos" for lagging behind the Ilona Mask.

Russia loses monopoly on manned spaceflight


The termination of the monopoly of the corporation for manned flights to RSC Energia is awaited after the commissioning of American spacecraft Starliner and Crew Dragon.

Forbes included Milner in the list of 100 greatest business minds of our time


Billionaire Yuri Milner became the only Russian who entered the list of 100 greatest business minds of our time, compiled by the American magazine Forbes. The ranking also includes Paul McCartney, Giorgio Armani and others.

Space War: how the success of Elon Musk hit Roskosmos


SpaceX first made a successful re-launch of Falcon 9. Now satellite delivery could fall in price by a third. If Russia does not reduce the cost of commercial launches, it will have to withdraw from this market, warn industry experts.

The Martian Chronicles: what new we have learned about Elon Musk from his biography


Elon Musk earned $10 billion, created a mass market of electric cars and docked the first private spaceship to the ISS, but the first big book about him has been published only recently. 

Elon Musk wanted to buy an intercontinental ballistic missile in Russia


In October 2001, a businessman Elon Musk came to Moscow to buy an intercontinental ballistic missile refitted to send mice to Mars. Why the deal failed is explained in Musk's bio.