Alexei Zagorulko poluhilov in vain on Iturup


The former deputy head of Spetsstroy, Alexander Zagorulko, was sentenced to eight years of strict regime and a fine of 10 million rubles. He was charged with a bribe and fraud amounting to more than $ 1 billion at military facilities in the Moscow region and the Kuril Islands.

Damage from fraud during the construction of Vostochny reached 1.4 billion


Investigators charged the management of the "Volga-Vyatka construction company" with new episodes of fraud.

Maneuvers at Cape Schmidt


Spetsstroy is busy evacuating the workers from the Arctic airbase under construction.

Rucompromat review, 16-23 October: tea drinking, cups smashing


Skolkovo Foundation has decided to sue residents for cookies, a group of good and loyal companions earns billions on reconstruction of roads in the capital, and in the Moscow region a businessman shot an official right at his workplace.

RBC investigation: who earns on the reconstruction of Moscow


Moscow authorities have spent on the repair of streets more than 20 billion rubles in 2015, and will invest more than 105 billion rubles in the next three years. RBC found out, who and how had carved up that budget.

RBC investigation: who and how earned on the Vostochny cosmodrome


Eight of the 23 objects of Vostochny won't be finished by the first start-up in December 2015. RBC is studying why Vostochny has become the most expensive spaceport in the world.