State Agency "Rosavtodor"


The Crimean bridge to Rosavtodor is not the limit


Federal budget spending on roads to Crimea will exceed 500 billion rubles.

Arkady Rotenberg chose the road leading to the trillion


Mostotrest may be awarded a contract to build a highway along the Black Sea coast to Sochi.

Ministry of Transport suggested postponing the construction of the most expensive highway in Russia


The Ministry of Transport proposes to delay the reconstruction of the Dzhubga-Sochi highway due to the high cost of the project and difficult implementation, the ministry said. The project is estimated at no less than 1.6 trillion rubles.

In the Krasnodar Territory may appear road to the sea for 1.2 trillion rubles


If it is built, then the route Dzhugba-Sochi will be the most expensive in Russia.

Rosavtodor in the financial pothole


The Accounting Chamber recognized that the reports of Rosavtodor were unreliable. Its head Roman Starovoit is to answer how the money had been spent.