Stockholm Arbitration Court


Gazprom responded to Ukrainian Naftogaz in Sweden


The Svea County Court of Appeal (Sweden) suspended execution of the Stockholm arbitration award, according to which the Russian corporation was to pay Naftogaz 2.65 billion dollars.

The Swiss bailiffs began arresting Gazprom's assets


In Europe, the seizure of Gazprom's assets began - in compliance with the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration, which ordered the concern to pay Ukrainian Naftogaz 2.6 billion dollars. Inventory of the property was held in Nord Stream 2 AG.

Gas threat: why Gazprom decided to terminate contracts with Ukraine


After losing the process in Stockholm, the Russian concern announced the beginning of the termination of contracts with Naftogaz for the supply and transit of gas. This process will take at least a year, but the European Commission has already called on the parties to resolve the conflict.

Ukraine's and Russia's argument ended in a draw


However, Gazprom can still get about $1 billion.