Svyaznoy Bank


Head of Svyaznoy Bank — RBC: "There were only two choices: the bad and the terrible"


Svyaznoy Bank is on the verge of license revocation. The head of the bank Yevgeny Davidovich told RBC, how he had been figting for survival of Svyaznoy for nearly a year.

Unprofitable Year: which banks have lost the most


Svyaznoy and Renaissance Credit showed the worst results among retail banks in 2014; their losses exceeded the capital. Russian Standard and Vostochnyy have lost more than half of their own funds.

Oleg Malis took control over Svyaznoy Bank


Solvers Group took 51% of the Cyprus Trellas, through which the owner of Svyaznoy Maxim Nogotkov owned all of his assets.

Having lost the Svyaznoy chain, Maxim Nogotkov is trying to prevent the reorganization of Svyaznoy Bank


The businessman is negotiating the sale of this business.