the Bank of Russia

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation also known as the Bank of Russia is the central bank of the Russian Federation, founded in 1860 as The State Bank of the Russian Empire, headquartered on Neglinnaya Street in Moscow.

According to the constitution, it is an independent entity, with the primary responsibility of protecting the stability of the national currency, the ruble.

It is the main regulator of the Russian banking industry, responsible for banking licenses, rules of banking operations and accounting standards, serving as a lender of last resort for credit organizations.

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Rosenergobank didn't live long enough to get Bondarchuk's help


The credit institution broke down, despite the arrival of the famous film director's team. 

Customers failed Jugra Bank


More than a quarter of the bank loans turned out to be problematic. The financial hole of the bank amounted to more than 28 billion rubles.

Since the beginning of sweeping in the financial sector, insurance payments of the DIA increased by 5 times


In 2016, the agency paid nearly 570 billion rubles to the bank depositors.

Why it's better not to keep money in Russian banks


A new way of confiscation of bank deposits has been invented. Now the Russian courts participate in the scheme. 

To revoke the licenses of the rescued banks would save the government 500 billion rubles


Such calculations were made by Fitch. The market members disagree.

Irredeemable debts


How the CEO of the DIA Yuri Isaev and the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina will save the money of defrauded depositors.

Take and accurately withdraw


As billions of dollars float out from Russia, the Central Bank headed by Elvira Nabiullina can not do anything.

Geobank plans machinations


Head of Geobank Mikhail Sahin plans to turn the bank into a retailer. Experts say that Sahin can create "double accounting" like in Arksbanka.

Korkunov's bank has limited the issuance of funds to depositors


The bank of the founder of Korkunoff Chocolate Factory imposed restrictions on the issuance of deposits. The credit institution explained that this is due to liquidity problems.

FCS deemed the Khotins' bank unreliable


The FCS deprived the Khotins' bank of the right to issue bank guarantees for payment of customs duties. If Jugra's problems continue, it could lose the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Jugra Bank is more dead than alive


The bank of adventurous businessmen Khotins can collapse at any time.

Secret booking of Ilya Kligman


Where did the banker Ilya Kligman hide 35 billion rubles from the double-entry bookkeeping in Arksbanka?

Russia is getting accustomed to stagnation


The crisis canceled out all the previous results: in 2000-2016, the Russian economy has grown less than the global one.

Andrey Vdovin gutted a couple of banks


Banker Vdovin is already celebrating another banking adventure abroad, whil his VIP clients are getting prepared for unpromising courts in Moscow.

60% of bonds in Russia are illiquid


Central Bank wants to achieve their fair assessment, but the banks and professional participants will have to admit the losses.

Sweeping purge of the Russian banks robbed the depositors of 50 billion rubles


Deposit Insurance Agency estimated the losses of the Russians, who had deposits worth more than 1.4 million rubles. Another 450 billion rubles came under "insurance claims", but they will return slowly, and also only partly.

Khotins will bleed the investors dry


Jugra Bank owned by Alexey and Yuri Khotin will still conduct IPO. Are the businessmen going to take investors' money before escaping?  

After Alexey Ulyukaev, Andrey Kostin might be arrested


Kostin and Ulyukayev are involved in the machinations with the money of VTB.

National development company caught for fraud on the stock exchange


The Central Bank discovered fraud on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, which was made with the papers of the National Development Company (NDC). Under suspicion The managers of Eltra and NDC companies, Alex Ohremenko and Alexander Dubinin, are under suspicion. 

Financial hole in Rosinterbank reached 91 billion rubles


The negative equity of Rosinterbank, which lost its license on September 19, amounts to 90.9 billion rubles. The bank balance lacks the loan portfolio and almost all investments in securities.

Small banks have less and less chances to survive


The Bank of Russia revoked the license St. Petersburg's Tetrapolis Bankin "as a preventive measure". This case may set a precedent for all other small banks in Russia.

Capital holes


Up to half of Russian banks draw up fictitious assets for themselves.

Not just an agent


The ex-president of Probusinessbank, Sergey Leontiev, may be involved in the "scam of the century" for the withdrawal of money from Russia via Moldova.

Police searched Investtorgbank


Funds were withdrawn from the bank under the deals with alleged securities.

Orthodox Bank is no more


How the problems of the Russian Orthodox Church's bank Peresvet threaten its depositors. 

Investors are worried about Peresvet


News around the bank triggered the price fall of its papers.

Rosinterbank does not respond to reorganization


55 billion rubles belonging to depositors are in an unstable position.

Housing Fund lost 1.78 billion rubles in Vneshprombank


Now Foundation asks Prosecutor General's Office to check the employees of the Central Bank.