the European Court of Human Rights


Litvinenko was killed by the Russian authorities


The Russian authorities did not provide sufficient evidence of their innocence in the death of Alexander Litvinenko. This is the conclusion reached by the European Court of Human Rights.

Dmitry Zakharchenko will beat European Court of Human Rights


A former billionaire policeman seeks justice without delay.

Eduard Limonov fell from Strasbourg 195 thousand euros


The ECHR awarded Eduard Limonov compensation for the fine in the suit of Yuri Luzhkov.

Telegram will be suing Russia in Strasbourg


The messenger challenged the ECHR for failure to disclose the FSB's encryption keys.

Vasily Boyko-Veliky earned "milk"


The ECHR awarded the President of the "Russian Milk" with 7,500 euros compensation for the imprisonment in the pre-trial detention center.

Russia will not pay compensation to Yukos shareholders


As a gesture of goodwill, Russia may provide redress for the "honest shareholders", as admitted by the Russian Constitutional Court. 

Navalny's case will be re-examined


According to experts, the new trial may result in either acquittal or condemnatory judgement. 

Russian assets in Belgium arrested on the claim of Yukos


Russia is going to pursue it at court. 

Russia will not hasten up to pay compensation to Yukos shareholders


Despite the entry into force of the relevant decision of the European Court of Human Rights.

Aleksey Navalny and Ilya Yashin will receive 26 000 euros for 15 days of arrest


The sum awarded by the European Court is unusually high for this type of violations, experts say.

Two cases of Yukos: why the defeat of Russia in the ECHR is more dangerous than the defeat in the Hague


The decision to pay €1,86 billion awarded by the ECHR to former Yukos shareholders may have much more serious implications than a verdict on $50 billion by the Hague Tribunal. Both for the Russian budget and its judicial system.

Why Russia lost $50 billion to Yukos former owners


Arbitration in the Hague ruled to collect $50 billion from Russia in favor of the former shareholders of Yukos. The fiasco was planned. Russia didn't even lift a finger to win this battle.