the FSB


General Nikandrov lived in the apartment of the "black" realtors' victim


According to LIFE, in 2009 Denis Nikandrov had to explain to investigators how he got an apartment in Moscow, which owner had been killed.

Money for Kalashnikov factories disappeared in other projects


The case of embezzlement in Venezuela ended in Moscow.

General of fraud cases


The investigation is looking for a fictitious deputy of Alexander Bortnikov.

Defendants in the case of embezzlement of GLONASS budget are arrested


They are suspected of fraud in the construction of the central GLONASS office in Korolev, which caused damage in the amount of 460 million rubles.

The FSB came to Rosreestr for space images


The investigators are trying to find out why the officials accepted the work done by ScanEx company, since it will cost the budget 10 million rubles to redo it.