the Interior Ministry


Dmitry Ananyev and Promsvyazbank milked Rusmoloko


Rusmoloko's minority shareholder Valery Glichiyans accused Promsvyazbank head, Dmitry Ananyev, of fraud and the deliberate bankruptcy of the dairy company.

Colonel shared his bribe with a general


A former Deputy Commander of the Russian Interior Ministry troops has been arrested.

The fall of black pharmacist Igor Vorobey


A major bankrupcy is brewing in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia for the first time in recent years. The tax inspection revealed violations at the St. Petersburg company RIA Panda; the amount of pre-accrual amounted to 1,141,056,000 rubles.

Viktor Zolotov youngest daughter settled in the metropolis


The head of the National Guard under prepares alternate airport in London, where he has been living and studying his youngest daughter Daria Zolotov.

Viktor Zolotov's youngest daughter settled in Albion


The head of the National Guard under prepares an escape hatch in London, where his youngest daughter Darya Zolotova lives and studies. 

Igor Mikhailushkin cheated Sberbank for 160 million rubles


For this he was sentences for three years' probation. Herman Gref's bank is dissatisfied with such a light sentence.

Mukhtar Ablyazov recognized a political emigre


France refused to extradite the Russian ex-banker.

How Shakro Young entrusted his wealth to a frozen food queen


The investigation failed to arrest the multi-million property of Zakhariy Kalashov because the criminal lord made it over to his wife and seller of frozen foods.

Thin "business lines"


Transport company Business Line may fall victim to both its own tax fraud, greed, and the actions of competitors.

Predators of the Federal Counter-Intelligence Service


Turncoat Zakharchenko covered up not only the thief Shakro Jr , but also the main contractor of the company, the son of General Yevgeny Murov.

British investor visa failed the head of RAS


The head of the Russian Authors Society has been arrested for two months.

Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service uncovered the fraudful scheme in the Russian Authors Society


Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case on fraud in the Russian Authors Society. The possible damage is more than 500 million rubles. On the morning of June 27, searches began in the office of the company and apartment of RAS head Sergey Fedotov.

Zolotov's army: why and how the National Guard is created


National Guard headed by Viktor Zolotov, conceived to deal with the protests, eventually got a lot of other functions: from private security to anti-terrorism. Its powers will overlap with the FSB.

Konstantin Sharygo rebuffed blackmailer Lisovska-Medvedkova


The business clan of Sharygo rebuffed blackmailer Lisovskaya-Medvedkova, who wants to put Alexander Sharygo in jail for 6 years for an alleged rape.

RBC investigation: what came out of the "case of Nemtsov"


Investigators tried twice to present charges in absentia to Ruslan Geremeev, a possible organizer of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, but both times the decision wasn't signed  by the head of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.

MIA to check the Nuclear Medicine Center and officials of Ulyanovsk Oblast


Security forces are investigating the fate of 6 billion rubles allocated for the construction of the Federal High-Tech Center of Nuclear Medicine, and what the construction companies associated with the governor Sergey Morozov have to do with that

Eurotrust depositors' money have been traced to the co-owner


The case on embezzlement of 3.5 billion rubles in the bank is finished

FSB went into the criminal case of Elena Skrynnik's business partners


Theft of 600 million rubles from Rosagroleasing, which was done by the ex-Minister of Agriculture's subordinates, will be investigated by the secret service officers

Chief editor of Flirt Magazine is arrested for organizing prostitution


Police in Moscow and St. Petersburg have detained 37 employees of Flirt Magazine. 

Putin's guard who heads the Interior Ministry troops failed to disclose income


First Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Zolotov, who has been the head of the personal guard of Vladimir Putin for many years, is the only officer in the Interior Ministry, who hasn't declared his income. He never did it while working at the FSO, either.

The former head of Eurotrust Bank re-arrested for fraud in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles


MIA officers detained the chairman of Eurotrust Bank Pyotr Zhurin in Moscow once again, but this time the investigation introduced travel restrictions.

Shooting near the Kremlin: Boris Nemtsov killed in Moscow


A prominent politician Boris Nemtsov was killed in Moscow. He was shot to death late Friday night in front of the Kremlin by four shots at close range.

Zolotov of the Putin's party


What owns the family which is the closest to the body of the president.

Alfa Bank asked to check Mikhail Abyzov's company on fraud


According to RBC, the creditors of Mikhail Abyzov's E4 Group decided not to limit themselves to claims for recovery of debt and recognition of the company's bankrupcy; now they are initiaing a criminal case.

A preventive measure for 60 thousand per month


Nationalist Alexander Potkin was placed under house arrest in a rented apartment.

Carabinieri defeated the "Russian mafia"


Italian police announced the completion of a large-scale operation against the "Russian mafia".

General Sugrobov's subordinates gave evidence against him


Investigators blamed the senior police officer of the organization of a criminal community which had earned money by fabricating criminal cases.

Former Interior Minister of Buryatia demands salary for all the years of his arrest


Once accused of large-scale smuggling, General Viktor Syusyura believes that he was illegally dismissed from service, and demands to get all unpaid wage..