the RF Government


Who will be the third?


Why the authorities want to flood the country with cheap vodka and what billionaire Vasily Anisimov has to do with that.

Officials and MPs are in no hurry to give up foreign property


Two branches of the federal government reported on income and property for 2015.

Detective on a treadmill: how to take bribes in world athletics


RBC read a report about crimes of the leadership of world athletics, and figured out how a criminal network was organized to earn on extortion and bribes for concealing doping problems of Russian athletes.

Putin ordered to help the Ukrainian city on the Crimean border


According to Vladimir Putin's order, Russia has began humanitarian supplies of gas to the Ukrainian city of Genichesk in the Kherson region near the border with Crimea. Mayor of Genichesk assures that he never asked Moscow about anything.

Egypt's closure: what losses the citizens and businesses should prepare for


On Friday, Russia suspended air service to Egypt. Tourist industry began to count the losses from the loss of the main direction for the New Year. Just to transport the Russian tourists from Egyptian resorts, the tour operators will lose $10 million.

Sanctions will no longer help Rotenberg


The government prohibited Stroygazmontazh owned by Arkady Rotenberg to cite sanctions in case of problems during the construction of the Kerch bridge.