the Russian government

The Government of the Russian Federation exercises executive power in the Russian Federation. The members of the government are the Prime Minister (currently Dmitry Medvedev), the deputy prime ministers, and the federal ministers. It has its legal basis in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the federal constitutional law "On the Government the Russian Federation".

According to the 1991 amendment to the 1978 Russian Constitution, the President of Russia was the head of the executive branch and headed the Council of Ministers of Russia. According to the current 1993 Constitution of Russia, the President is not a part of the Government of Russia, which exercises executive power. The Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Russia says, that "The Government of the Russian Federation consists of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation and federal ministries".

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Gazprom has received up to 1 trillion rubles of profit


However, the government won't get much: half of that profit is only on paper.

Italians earn money on Russian Prime Minister's faults


Italian winemakers start the Dimon brand.

Go-to guy in Ples


As the son-in-law of Rosneft's head, Timerbulat Karimov, became head of the city council of Ples, where the "secret dacha" of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is.

Who will pay "Google tax"?


The first 100 Internet companies have agreed to pay "the Google tax", possibly from their users' pockets.

In 2016, Vladimir Putin earned more than Dmitry Medvedev


The Minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov turned out to be the richest person in the Russian government.

How Russian officials get rid of business and real estate abroad


Declaration of income for 2016 will be published in the near future. In order not to violate the law, officials divorced spouses, they sell the business partners and family or transfer assets in trust.

No more fuel


Russia may face a shortage of gasoline.

Forbes publishers: Shmatko and Sechin


Left without the "western protection", Russian Forbes is rapidly degraded.

Grigory Ivliev's patents


Head of Rospatent Grigoriy Ivliev wants to take control of the entire country's intellectual property. Russia in this case faces the redistribution of "intellectual property" with an unknown outcome.

The Russian government asked Usmanov and Mordashov to help Donbass


The government recommended metallurgical holdings to consider iron ore supplies to companies in the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, as RBC found out. The plants there were left without raw materials after the introduction of Ukrainian blockade of railway communication with the self-proclaimed republics.

The Russian government may slow down access to websites of the companies that violated the Russian law


In that way, the officials want to force foreign companies to carry out the decisions of Russian courts and agencies.

Security officers and officials are least affected by the crisis


Opinion on stabilization of the situation is shared by 40.9% of those surveyed; the improvement has been noticed by only 3.7%.

Andrey Kostin hides everything


VTB financial statements are made to hide the real state of affairs in the bank. That's why the rating agencies gave it low marks.

The Anti-Corruption Fund asked the Investigative Committee to initiate a criminal case against Medvedev and Usmanov


It argues that the oligarch gave the premiere a mansion worth 5 billion rubles.

Country for a penny


Russia is waiting for a new privatization, senseless and merciless.

The debt of the Russian regions has stabilized — due to the budget credits


But their decline will force the governors to return to commercial loans.

Subsidiaries of Western banks will be banned to work with strategic enterprises


The government can ban the Russian subsidiaries of foreign banks to work with strategically important state enterprises and companies. This is a response to the use of the sanctions measures against Russia by such subsidiaries.

The company that manages the assets of Igor Shuvalov, was co-owner of White Gardens office


Its market value now stands at no less than $600 million.

Landing denied


Belarus is barganing on the deployment of a Russian air base on its territory.

The government approved the privatization plan


In the near future large packages of Sovcomflot and VTB can be sold.

How Russia and Belarus reinstalled the border control


Minsk criticized Russia's decision to establish a border zone on the border with Belarus. The measures are directed against the nationals of third countries, says Moscow. However, they can affect the citizens of both countries, and the decision may be political, experts say.

The cost of the Kerch bridge project exceeded 300 billion rubles


This amount includes the costs of the bridge itself and its approaches.

Airlines have to fly abroad only using Russian planes


This idea of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was approved by Vladimir Putin

Gazprom doesn't give a damn about Russian citizens' needs


The government prefers to export gas, rather than provide it to the citizens.

The Russian middle class is shrinking


Every third Russian risks to fall from the "low middle class" level and become poor. 

Rostelecom has no decency


Semipublic Rostelecom may end up in the list of dishonest suppliers.

Russia increased its oil production and exports in 2016


After the beginning of the new year, the Russian companies need to cut production, but the production of crude oil in 2017 may increase again.

What will happen with the Russians in the New Year


A brief overview of the main legislative changes in the coming year.