The State Duma

The State Duma in the Russian Federation is the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia (legislature), the upper house being the Federation Council of Russia. The Duma headquarters are located in central Moscow, a few steps from Manege Square. Its members are referred to as deputies. The State Duma replaced the Supreme Soviet as a result of the new constitution introduced by Boris Yeltsin in the aftermath of the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993, and approved by the Russian public in a referendum.

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Vladimir Putin urged to abandon the dollar


At the same time, 45% of Russia's international reserves (over $ 200 billion) are kept in American currency.

Experts said that positions of Sechin, Volodin and Rotenberg may weaken


Positions of Igor Sechin, Vyacheslav Volodin and Arkady Rotenberg as the president's close associates may weaken after the elections of 2018. Dmitry Medvedev has the most stable position, a new report by "Minchenko Consulting" says.

Minority shareholders of Gazprom asked for Putin's protection


Minority shareholders of regional gas subsidiaries of Gazprom have appealed to Vladimir Putin to stop the passage of the bill, which frees the state companies from the responsibility to make a formal offer for the purchase of large blocks of stocks in other state-owned companies.

RBC investigation: what business have the deputies of the new State Duma


Before the first meeting of the State Duma of the seventh convocation, RBC analyzed the income statements and biographies of those who came to the lower house of parliament for the first time, and those who confirmed the mandates.

The Kremlin has chosen the new curator of the State Duma


Sergey Smirnov will become the new Kremlin curator of the State Duma instead of Radiy Khabirov. He led the pro-Kremlin youth camp Taurida, headed the Public Chamber and won the European Cup in karate.

Panoramic wheel at VDNKh will be built by a State Duma deputy's family


GC "Regions", owned by the family of State Duma deputy Zelimkhan Mutsoev, become an investor of a new panoramic wheel at VDNKh. The project will cost 14 billion rubles, which is comparable to the famous London Eye.

Karimov clan was excommunicated from power in Uzbekistan


The youngest daughter of President Karimov, Lola, is suspected of misinformation about the country's leader's death.

Patriots from Rodina reported on apartments abroad


The richest candidate of the party in the State Duma earned 130 million rubles.

Golos Movement discovered a hidden scheme to fund United Russia


A third of the companies which donated United Russia more than 1 million rubles in 2015, received state contracts for ten times bigger sums, according to the study on the financing of political parties, conducted by Golos Movement. 

Employees of the FSB have been forbidden to have foreign accounts and accounts in social networks


The State Duma will review the bill that extends the powers of the FSB on the use of weapons. At the same time, employees of special services have been forbidden to have foreign accounts and create accounts in blogs and social networks.

The organizer of Starovoitova's murder was sentenced


One of the organizers of the murder of Galina Starovoitova, a former State Duma deputy Mikhail Glushchenko, was condemned for 17 years in jail. The victims in the Starovoitova's case, her sister Olga and her assistant Ruslan Linkov, were satisfied with the verdict.

Millions on arms: what's the cost of Russian businessmen and politicians' watches


RBC studied the watches of Russian politicians and heads of state-owned companies. The most expensive ones belong to Ramzan Kadyrov. Vladimir Yakunin owns luxury watches and gives them to the others: his gift could be found on Sergey Naryshkin's arm.

Petrov conceived to push Pumpyansky aside


State Duma deputy quarreled with Rossel, and is planning a new election campaign.

We are no longer children: how the relatives of officials manage investment funds


Children of senior bureaucrats invest tens of millions of dollars in investment projects. Do their infulential parents help them?

The Russian Duma is outraged by the voyage of United Russia deputies to Antarctica during working hours


The absence of United Russia deputies Alexander Sidyakin and Oleg Savchenko during the working hours in the first week of the session caused outrage in the Duma. For Savchenko, the trip cost up to half of the declared official annual income.

Gudkov outbid the Russian businessman upon purchase of a house in London


Ex-deputy buys luxury apartments in the UK capital worth about 220 million rubles.

Sobyanin has a new problem


Hinstein exposed a large-scale trickery with the apartments of deceived investors.

Mayor of Nizhny Novgorod is accused of disguising a luxurious country villa as an ultramodern cow barn


Loser recent Court of Nizhny Novgorod governor Oleg Sorokin Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov struck back: Sorokin is now accused of misuse of land.

Rosneft is looking for help in the UK


The State Oil Company Rosneft will challenge the US and European Union sanctions in the amoun of 17.7 million pounds with the assistance of the British lawyers.

Return of the heavyweight: how Mikhail Lesin controls the media market


For four years the current head of Gazprom-Media Holding Mikhail Lesin has been on the sidelines. whether Has he retained the status of an informal man on the wheel of the Russian media?

Companies controlled by the deputies and senators owe 4.6 billion rubles to Sberbank


Senators Evgeny Samoylov and Ralif Safin, deputies Alexander Chetverikov and Sergey Doronin owe Sberbank hundreds of millions of rubles each, and are not going to pay.

Top managers of Rosnano are suspected of embezzlement


Companions of Anatoly Chubais became defendants in a criminal case.

MPs asked to remove Ukrainian singers from Russian TV channels


Representatives of the Communist Party offered to make a black list of artists from Ukraine.

"Honeymoon" between Russia and the Crimea ends


The peninsula residents are concerned about the corruption, the banks and the Kiev government which may try to conquer them.

Sochi put at stake


The city goes through a struggle for bulding spaces for casinos. 

The State Duma recognized "pornography" on the 100-ruble bill


According to the deputy Roman Khudyakov, the image of the Apollo sculpture on the roof of the Bolshoi Theatre printed on the bill contradicts the law "On protection of children from harmful information."

The Central Bank came for the "pocket banks" in St. Petersburg


Out of the three banks, which saw their licences revoked on July 7, two — Fininvest and Evrosib — are registered in the northern capital, and connected by frequent references to State Duma deputy Roman Vanchugov.

Crimean roulette


On April 19, Putin submitted to the State Duma a bill on the establishment of a gaming zone in the annexed Crimea.