The State Hermitage Museum


The FSB gave the director of the Hermitage recommendations on the prevention of theft in the execution of contracts


The special service recommended the director of the museum to better check the contracts of the institution with commercial structures. No claims to Piotrovsky, in whose patrimony thrive the theft of budget funds, the Chekists were not found.

Boris Mazo escaped from the Russian prison


Ex-head of the Department of Property Management and Investment Policy of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Boris Mazo decided not to return to the SIZO on a new charge of embezzling 450 million rubles in the repair of the State Hermitage. A fugitive official will be looking abroad.

Grigory Pirumov again went to prison


The State Hermitage estimated its damage from the former deputy minister of culture and his accomplices at 860 million dollars. Pirums again behind the bars of the pre-trial detention center.