The US Senate


The Case of the Scripals was cast into new US sanctions against the Russian Federation


Washington believed that the Russian Federation uses chemical and bacteriological weapons. Will suffer from new sanctions, Aeroflot, a number of other Russian airlines and Russian industry, living entirely on imported equipment.

The US will throw a blow on the Russian oil and gas industry sanctions


Washington threatens to blockade the "North Stream-2" and the oil industry of the Russian Federation.

The US real estate market will be closed from Russians


US senators demand to create a monitoring system for expensive purchases of immigrants from Russia to the United States.

Deep in the pocket: the US demanded banks to access the accounts of Russian oligarchs


In case of refusal to provide the requested information, the US senators threatened to arrange an investigation against financial organizations.

Against Alisher Usmanov and Yuri Chaika demand to impose sanctions


Senators-Republicans addressed with such a demand. As one of the reasons - the investigation of Alexei Navalny regarding the transactions of the Russian billionaire.