The Verkhovna Rada


Where to get money for the Ukrainian army


Once held aloof, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk came back to re-offer the Parliament to approve changes to the state budget, or else, according to his words, the army will remain without money, and the IMF will not give the next tranche from August 1. 

Business rules of Ukrainian deputies


To get into the Verkhovna Rada, the "average" candidate spends a lot of money.

Presidential solitaire


Ukraine is in need of a new election of a legitimate government. The first step should be a snap presidential elections scheduled for May 25.However, some Ukrainian politicians are ready to change this scenario, one way or another, thus playing into Putin's hands. 

Tymoshenko becomes the most powerful leader in the revolutionary Ukraine


The new Ukrainian government can be actually headed by Yulia Tymoshenko as she satisfied the most powerful forces both inside and outside Ukraine.

Incriminating evidence found at Yanukovich's residence


Documents on bribery, embezzlement and expenses on special apartments were found near the berth in Mezhigorie