Togliatti Azot


Condemned for raiding Evgenie Sedykin gave testimony against the family Makhlaev


The minority shareholder of JSC TogliattiAzot, who was convicted earlier for 4 years, testified against the main owners of the chemical company, who allegedly stole 85 billion rubles in 2008-2011. The victims in this case are not only Sedykin, but also "Uralchim" Dmitry Mazepin.

Dmitry Mazepin is crushed by debts


The owner of Uralkhim and Uralkali was de facto bankrupt.

Tolyattiazot lost port in Taman


A large ammonia producer from the Samara Region, TogliattiAzot, will soon have to put an end to the construction of a transshipment terminal in the port of Taman. This may lead to strangulation of the enterprise in the future.