Transaero was a Russian airline with its head office in Saint Petersburg. It operated scheduled and charter flights to over 150 domestic and international destinations. Its main hubs were Moscow-Vnukovo and Saint Petersburg with further bases throughout Russia.

Transaero filed for bankruptcy on 1 October 2015, and announced that it would cease all operations by 15 December 2015. However, Russian authorities revoked its operating license on 26 October 2015.

Alexander Pleshakov and his mother manipulated Transaero shares


Because of the informational information about the revival of the company, they sold the stake, avoiding losses of 200 million rubles, the Central Bank said.

Andrei Kostin is unlikely to charge 249 billion rubles from the Pleshakov family


The case of VTB Bank against owners and members of the Board of Directors of Transaero can be a turning point in Russian law enforcement practice.

The former head of Transaero is on the international wanted list


Alexander Burdin is accused of embezzlement, non-payment of salaries to employees and abuse of authority.

VTB went on a hunt for Alexander Pleshakov


The State Bank intends to recognize the former owner of Transaero bankrupt. Pleshakov himself and his family have already fled Russia.

Hard landing on old rakes


How airlines drop out of the market and out of the attention of officials.

Transaero continues appealing to courts


The airline company managed to reduce part of payments to Aeroflot.

Transaero didn't win back the right to fly


The Supreme Court did not give us a chance to challenge the decision of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Why Aeroflot canceled so many flights


Only the national airline company cancels flight from Moscow en masse in early December.   

Aeroflot went into nosedive


Due to its top management, Russia's largest airline can go broke. 

Sergey Chemezov - RBC: "How can I advise the president? Who am I?"


The state corporation entrusted to Sergey Chemezov was once engaged in the export of arms, and now creates monopolies in the domestic market. In the interests of the country, it is sometimes better to appoint suppliers by decision, the head of Rostec believes. 

Ambitions beyond the cloud: how Vitaly Saveliev builds up Aeroflot


The general director of Russia's largest airline uses the crises in the industry for the benefit of himself and hisr company. A good relationship with Vladimir Putin plays not the least role in it.

Standard and Poor's predicted the peak of corporate defaults in Russia


The corporate defaults will begin in one and a half years after the peak of the crisis, Standard&Poor's analysts said. Banks will have to increase allocations to reserves, it will put pressure on earnings and capital of banks.

Flying by the voucher: how the Russian charter market is organized


Charters have been in the spotlight since the crash of the Kogalymavia plane in Egypt. Forbes studied the origins, development and crisis of that market. 

"We are in the deal, and there will be no steps back"


Co-owner of "Siberia" Vladislav Filev talks about the fate of "Transaero".

Filev line: "Transaero" — "Siberia"


Forbes estimated the wealth of Vladislav and Natalia Filev at 15 billion rubles.

"Transaero" hasn't been saved in "Siberia"


A new scandal is erupting around the company

Transaero brand is no longer worth around 60 billion rubles


Because of this, the value of the net assets of the airline became negative. And this may be the reason for the filing of the bankruptcy claim.

Gref has accused management of Transaero in causing the company to bankrupt


The head of Sberbank wished Aeroflot success in bailing Transaero out, since it would be "very difficult"

Transaero was marked down


The company may go under the control of Aeroflot for a ruble.

How the problems of Transaero mount up


Failure of Transaero to follow the labor legislation may be a prelude to the airline's leaving the market. 

Transaero has made a name on losses


Revaluation of the brand made it possible to go away from negative equity.

Why not to fly: how the conflict between Russia and the West affected airlines


Transaero has suspended flights from Moscow to Toronto, Aeroflot will decide the fate of direct flights this week. However, there will be flights to New York City.