Transmashholding is asking for fire


Transmashholding may buy the manufacturer Gradov and Smerchey.

Evraz may oust Ukrainian manufacturer from the Russian market of railway wheels


The company will double the production of wheels.

The Ministry of Transport planned to spend more than 300 billion rubles on the Moscow train


Russian Railways and Transmashholding are planning to cut money from the federal and regional budgets.

Iskander Makhmudov and Andrei Bokarev staged a merger of their assets


Transmashholding (TMH) and Lokotech-Service announced a merger. The control over the new company will be retained by the previous owners - Makhmudov and Bokarev, but the share of the French Alstom in TMH will decrease to 20%.

Transoil is not affected by sanctions and reduces dependence on RZD


Igor Romashov described how the company reduces dependence on Russian Railways and why it did not suffer from US sanctions.

The largest supplier of Russian Railways has built a house on Rublyovka on the lands of the forest fund


The largest supplier of Russian Railways and partner of the scandalous Iskander Makhmudov for Transmashholding built a palace on Rublevka on the lands of the forest fund.

Transmashholding buys back Bombardier's stake in the car production plant


Now it owns 94.22% of Oktyabrsky Electric Car Repair Plant.

iMars became enough imprudent to hold tenders inside the company


Mikhail Struchkov and Yevgeny Sobolev use Anatoly Meshcheryakov to hold tenders in Russian Railways and the Moscow Metro.

iMars Group sucks the Russian Railways budget off through Anatoly Meshcheryakov


iMars Communication Group has found a gold mine in the advertising and PR-budgets of the Russian railway monopoly, Russian Railways. The unprecedented success of the group that received orders on hundreds of millions of rubles from the state company solely in 2014, having the first place among the contractors that won the tenders, have attracted media attention.