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Transparency International . Международная общественная организация. Основан 1993 году. Штаб-квартира располагается в Берлине (Германия). Род деятельности: Исследование уровня коррупции в различных странах мира, привлечение внимания общественности и властей к проблемам коррупции. Офисы организации существует в 114 странах мира, в том числе в России. Официальный сайт

How Russian businesses use the UK for money laundering


Transparency International has released a report on how the UK is used for money laundering and reputation, the document contains examples related to Russia.

Denis Manturov sweet sleep in the rooms for 1.4 million rubles


The Ministry of Industry and Trade spends millions on business trips of its employees, while the head of the department Denis Manturov settles in super-expensive hotels, according to an investigation by Transparency International Russia. In particular, during a business trip to Shanghai, the minister spent the night in the presidential suite worth 1.4 million rubles, follows from the investigation.

Arrested in the US Maria Butina was associated with one of the participants of the Forbes list


A girl arrested in the US on charges of illegally lobbying Russian interests is associated with one of the participants in the Forbes list. Under the description given by the American government, eleven Russian businessmen from Forbes list get.

The UK will deal with the giant apartment of Igor Shuvalov


Transparency International became interested in Igor Shuvalov's income.

Who made the ugly logo of the presidential election


The Mikhailov & Partners Agency will be responsible for covering the CEC during the presidential elections. "IMA-consulting" won a state contract for the creation of an awareness-raising campaign for the presidential elections.

Russian state-owned companies spend millions of euros to lobby their interests in the EU


They should officially report on such spending, says Transparency International.

Kadyrov: "you can not prohibit a beautiful life"


In addition to minor children-millionaires, Ramzan Kadyrov has relatives who are owners of luxury real estate. Where did they get the money?

Ukraine is still ruled by money


By agreeing to give immunity to the "gas lobby", Poroshenko has sown the seeds of future counter-revolution.