TRC "Winter Cherry"


Investigation of the case of the death of 60 people in a fire in the "Winter Cherry" is completed


No complaints about the real owner of the burned down shopping complex, where 64 people were killed in March 2018, did not arise to the Russian oligarch Denis Stengelov from Russian law enforcement agencies. For the time being, small fry will go to court.

The head of the Kemerovo Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexander Mamontov was detained on the case of a fire in the "Winter Cherry"


According to the investigation, he and his subordinate did not conduct a fire safety audit of the building, which was to be held no later than March 18. In the fire on March 25 killed 60 people, including 37 children.

In Kemerovo, they began demolishing the shopping center "Winter Cherry"


In Kemerovo today began dismantling the shopping and entertainment center "Winter Cherry", where a fire in late March killed 60 people.

Why the tragedy of "Winter Cherry" can be repeated


The supervision system fails, the business saves on construction and operation, inspections and exercises are conducted formally and irregularly.

"Winter cherry" was not tested in good faith


This was stated by Alexander Bastrykin. And Vladimir Putin instructed to find a document on the inspection of the shopping center and the signer without comment.

TRC "Winter Cherry" was not insured


The market is once again discussing mandatory firefighting policies, but it is unlikely to lead to their success.

In the TRC "Winter Cherry" disabled the alarm and blocked the doors of the cinema halls


The guards disconnected fire safety systems in the Kemerovo shopping center "Winter Cherry" 15 minutes before the fire, says Igor Polozinenko, head of the company that served fire extinguishing and alarm systems.

Co-owner of the TRC "Winter Cherry" Denis Stengelov did not rule out arson


According to a businessman living in Australia, the burned down shopping center had no direct relationship to the business of "KDV groups."

In the fire in the TRC "Winter Cherry" Kemerovo killed more than 60 people


The fire exits were blocked, and the security system was turned off by the guard.