Troika Dialog


Who deceived Ruben Vardanyan


Margus Linnamäe controls the Baltic media, loves offshore companies and sponsors the Estonian nationalist party.

Ruben Vardanyan asked not to mix round and green


The entrepreneur asked not to evaluate the activities of the investment bank, established in 1991, as “today's standards”.

Netherlands hooked on Russian "Troika"


Hundreds of millions of euros went through the Moscow office of the Dutch ING, say journalists.

Ruben Vardanyan shares real estate with his partner


Ex-owner of "Troika Dialog" will get offices, Gagik Adibekyan - shopping centers.

Russian citizen Lohova seized more than 3 million pounds from London Sberbank by court action for bullying


Chief Trader of the bank David Longmuir called her "crazy."

KamAZ to be rolled back to the state


VEB and Rostec claim 23.5% of KamAZ shares intended for Daimler.