“Independent banks decided to destroy”: Deripaska criticized the Central Bank and the courts


Oleg Deripaska for the first time after getting into the US sanctions list spoke at an international forum. In Vladivostok, the billionaire said that the transformation of the Central Bank into a “mega-regulator” does not justify itself and kills competition and that he does not know a single entrepreneur who is satisfied with the Russian judicial system.

The first deputy head of the FSB associated with the murder of Andrei Kozlov


Revelations of the convicted ex-banker Alexei Frenkel.

The killer of Alexei Kozlov drops on the Magomedov brothers


Banker Alexei Frenkel, convicted of the murder of the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank, Andrei Kozlov, intends to testify about the involvement of the Magomedov brothers in contract killings and money laundering, his lawyer said in a statement to the investigator.

Vasily Pozdyshev easily said goodbye to a trillion


The Central Bank estimated its losses from bank reorganization, which will amount to 0.75–1.44 trillion rubles.

Central Bank demanded loss of profit from Vadim Belyaev and Ruben Aganbegyan


With the co-owner and top managers of FC Otkritie, the regulator wants to receive 300 billion rubles.

Alexander Pleshakov and his mother manipulated Transaero shares


Because of the informational information about the revival of the company, they sold the stake, avoiding losses of 200 million rubles, the Central Bank said.

Central Bank considered the business reputation of Oleg Boyko tarnished


The Central Bank issued to Oleg Boyko, one of the richest businessmen in Russia, two prescriptions about unsatisfactory business reputation.

Elvira Nabiullina discovered the Belize trail in the withdrawal of pension money


Withdrawal of savings abroad may occur through operations with shares of the United Carriage Company.

Alexey Hotin was arrested by the hand of Elvira Nabiullina


The head of the Central Bank wrote about Vladimir Putin about the situation around Ugra.

What led Alexei Khotin to fiasco


Bank "Ugra" credited Khotin's business with depositors' money.

Relations with the Night Hockey League did not save Alexey Hotin from the FSB


What did the detained banker make money on and what did the Central Bank not like with "Ugra"?

Artem Avetisyan showed high patrons


Banker's ambitions can substitute presidential adviser Andrei Belousov.

Central bank drip


The data of 120 thousand bank clients that were blacklisted by Finmonitoring and the Central Bank are uploaded to the Internet.

Vasily Vysokov will not run away from Center-Invest


The bank refuted the flight of the chairman of the board of directors abroad and complained to the Central Bank, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the FSB.

Elvira Nabiullina breast defended the clients of the Moscow Industrial Bank


The competing banks scare customers of the IIB being rehabilitated by the possible loss of money in it.

Son of Rashid Nurgaliyev and son-in-law of Boris Yeltsin are in the shareholders of the bank with a revoked license


The Central Bank revoked the license from Kamchatkomagroprombank due to the withdrawal of liquid assets.

Herman Gref stumbled over Elvira Nabiullina


The differences of the head of Sberbank German Gref with the leadership of the Central Bank are discussed both in the Kremlin and in the government.

Opinion of Vadim Belyaev is not scary for the general director of Otkritie Holding


He still controls 29% of the holding, but no longer participates in the appointment of the general director.

Gref loves Turkey, Costin - Cyprus


Russian banks are holding abroad 182 billion dollars in the form of claims to foreign residents, RBC calculated on the basis of data from the Central Bank. Despite the crackdown in Cyprus, which affected Russian capital, a fifth of this money is there.

The Central Bank secretly issued 20 billion rubles for the rescue of Genbank


The refusal of the bank's self-insolvent scheme of bankruptcy apparently does not extend to the Crimea.

Mikail Shishkhanov Agrees on Restructuring 10-Billion Credit


DIA assigned a loan for the rehabilitation of "Growth Bank" to a bank of bad debts.

"White bird" hit the sight of the Central Bank of Russia


The debt of poultry company Dmitry Ananyev to Avtovazbank exceeded 26 billion rubles.

The Central Bank has caught companies close to the "Finam" in the manipulation of the market


They made an economically meaningless transaction with shares of UC Rusal and Polyus Gold.

Elvira Nabiullina received the land of Mikhail Shishkhanov


Under the control of the former owner of Binbank, the agrarian holding company Rostagro went to the bad debts fund established by the Central Bank of Russia. In turn, the agrarian holding "White Bird", owned by the former owners of Promsvyazbank, the brothers Ananyev.

Boris Mintz gives one of the largest pension groups for debts


FG "Future" will pass under the control of the Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments. It can become an intermediate owner.

Russians are getting deeper into debt


The debts of Russians to banks grow twice as fast as their salaries.

The Central Bank appealed to law enforcement agencies on the fact of withdrawal of assets from AktivCapital Bank


The CBR appealed to law enforcement agencies on the fact of the withdrawal of assets of 6 billion rubles.

"Unistream" complained to the Central Bank on the "Golden Crown"


The payment system complained to the Central Bank about the distribution of the "Golden Crown" about the financial situation of Unistream.