Boris Mintz gives one of the largest pension groups for debts


FG "Future" will pass under the control of the Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments. It can become an intermediate owner.

Russians are getting deeper into debt


The debts of Russians to banks grow twice as fast as their salaries.

The Central Bank appealed to law enforcement agencies on the fact of withdrawal of assets from AktivCapital Bank


The CBR appealed to law enforcement agencies on the fact of the withdrawal of assets of 6 billion rubles.

"Unistream" complained to the Central Bank on the "Golden Crown"


The payment system complained to the Central Bank about the distribution of the "Golden Crown" about the financial situation of Unistream.

Arrested in the US Maria Butina was associated with one of the participants of the Forbes list


A girl arrested in the US on charges of illegally lobbying Russian interests is associated with one of the participants in the Forbes list. Under the description given by the American government, eleven Russian businessmen from Forbes list get.

The property of the Krasnodar bank "Krylovsky" was put up for auction


The property of the Krasnodar bank was put up for auction.

The Central Bank limited the right to vote to the founder of the Bank "Avangard"


The bank belongs to the owner of one of the world's largest producers of malt "Avangard-agro" Kirill Minovalov.

In absentia arrested former chairman of the board of directors of the bank "Soviet"


Kidnevshy even in 2015, more than 2 billion rubles according to the investigation, the former chairman of the board of directors of the bank "Soviet" was arrested in absentia and declared an international wanted list.

Lukoil employee accused of dollar rate jumps


A Lukoil financier and his partner from the Cyprus company Ronin Europe Ltd turned an insider scheme that led to sharp fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate in December 2015, the Bank of Russia reports.

Yevgeny Giner called Mikhail Zadornov's claims to "RGS life" unacceptable


Since 2015, all rights to the company belong to the Giner. He told this to Zadornov in October.

How the Bank of Russia learned to fight private banks


The last collapse, which caught the regulator by surprise, is Peresvet Bank in 2016.

Payments to top managers of a loss making Rosgosstrakh in 2017 increased 3.5 times


The Central Bank regrets, but nothing can be done.

In Russia, another bank scam


The recent detention of the largest underground financier Myazin is expected to be not the last in the scandalous investigation.

The Central Bank will check every loan transferred to Promsvyazbank


If its quality does not satisfy the regulator, banks will have to pay in addition.

Alexei Khotin failed to defeat Elvira Nabiullina


The court confirmed the legality of the decision to revoke the license from the bank Yugra.

German Gref will absorb the Russian financial system


The better the business of Sberbank, the worse for the Russian financial and banking system.

How the minority shareholders of Promsvyazbank managed to sell 20% of its shares on the eve of the renovation


Promsvyaz Capital bought shares from NPFs and immediately sold them to the bank itself.

The Central Bank has come up with how to return the government 84 billion rubles of state aid


The Central Bank of Russia will return to the government 84 billion rubles of state aid, dissolved in collapsed banks. The regulator will pour this amount into the new state defense order bank - Promsvyazbank - and transfer it to the state.

"Northern Credit" fell victim to serial bankers


The central bank of the Russian Federation headed by Elvira Nabiullina did not in the least prevent them from stealing billions of rubles.

Alexei Khotin clinging to the sinking bank of Yugra


In the summer, on his balance sheet, he started oil assets and real estate. But the Central Bank of Russia still deprived the "Yugra" license.

How long does Alfa-Bank and the Moscow Credit Bank have to live?


The cleanup of the banking sector has reached the largest banks, and the reorganization of FC Otkritie, Binbank and Promsvyazbank is just the beginning.

Crimean banks die out


"Northern Credit" predicted a revocation of the license.

Promsvyazbank goes to hospital


The Central Bank made a decision on the financial recovery of the bank of the Ananiev brothers.

In the troubled banks, the retirement savings of Russians have disappeared


In the banks "Opening" and Binbank burned up to 50 billion rubles of retirement savings.

In anticipation of sanctions. How Americans can bring down the ruble


If investments in OFZ are under US sanctions, the Bank of Russia itself will start buying up Russia's national debt, analysts of Raiffeisenbank forecast. Why this measure and what other anti-crisis scenarios will the financial departments need?

VTB is on the verge of a catastrophe with ruble liquidity


In the banks of the VTB group, the structural deficit of rubles is growing, which is covered by injections from the state.

Jugra Bank is sinking


What will Yury and Alexey Khotins do after the collapse of Jugra Bank?

Banker Vadim Belyaev stumbled on negative ratings


FC "Otkrytie" is trying to cajole the rating agencies.