Twitter. Интернет-сервис. Основан в 2006 году. Принадлежит компании Twitter Inc. Штаб-квартира располагается в Сан-Франциско (США). Род деятельности: Сервис микроблогинга. В 2014 году году чистая прибыль составила 101 миллион долларов. Официальный сайт

$2.3 billion on short messages: how the head of Twitter earned his fortune


In 2006, the dropout programmer Jack Dorsey founded Twitter microblogging service, which became one of the most popular social platforms. Now Dorsey leads two IT-corporations and has a fortune of $2.3 billion.

Panic in US social networks is associated with the St. Petersburg's "troll factory"


American journalist Adrian Chen conducted an investigation, which resulted in collecting facts about the possible involvement of the Russian company "Internet research" in provocations in American social networks