Ugra Bank


Ugra is out of play


Ugra, the leader among Russian banks in terms of losses, has nothing left but only to run after the puck.

Financial fever of the Khotin family


Ugra Bank could collapse under the weight of heavy debts.

Premier League: who Alexey Khotin dreams to become


Khotin's business success his competitors often explain by his ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends is said to be Boris Gryzlov.

Bashneft for Belarusians: the Khotins are interested in the privatization of the company


Alexey and Yuri Khotins can increase their oil assets to $2 billion.

Ugra Bank disclosed the co-owner of Gorbushkin Dvor Alexey Khotin among its owners


Formally, he is only a minority shareholder with a stake of 0.5%.

Ugra's disclosed owners


Alexey Khotin officially becomes a shareholder of the bank.