United Engine Corporation


Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to modernize TPPs without foreigners


Minpromtorg proposed to prohibit foreign companies from participating in the modernization of Russian thermal power plants in the 1920s. True, officials forgot that the gas turbine's own nomenclature does not cover the needs of the program, worth 1.4 trillion rubles. Whether it will be possible to develop new ones is not yet known.

Anatoly Chubais and Sergei Chemezov could not start the turbine


An attempt by the consortium Rusnano, Rostekha and Inter RAO to create the first large-capacity gas turbine in the Russian Federation was unsuccessful: the GTD-110M turbine model collapsed on tests.

Oboronprom fulfilled its mission faster than expected


The corporation fulfilled its mission, according to Rostekh.

Russian helicopters cannot do without Ukrainian "Motor Sich"


Ukrainian company annually supplies up to 400 helicopter engines to the Russian customers.