How Chemezov drove Uralvagonzavod into debt


In the Ural subsidiary of Rostec, the management may change in the near future.

Uralvagonzavod is trying to solve financial issues at the expense of Gref


Contractors accused UVZ management of dishonesty and disruption of modernization of tank shops

Sergey Chemezov lost half a billion rubles because of contractors "Uralvagonzavod"


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation could not recover the penalty for the broken contract.

The financial problems of the Rostekh Chelyabinsk company began with the light hand of Mikhail Prokhorov and Ekaterina Ignatova


With CHTZ-Uraltrak, funds were recovered under a leasing agreement.

UVZ began work on a tank-robot on the alternative "Armat" chassis T-72


UVZ is developing an assault robotic complex on the chassis of the T-72B3 tank. He must maintain his fighting capacity after hitting 15 RPG grenades. The Armata platform was too expensive for the Defense Ministry.

Uralvagonzavod is preparing a large-scale reduction of staff


The corporation "Uralvagonzavod" plans to throw up to 15 thousand people from its factories to reduce costs. The remaining salaries will not be increased.

Former assistants of Vladimir Putin received a new job


The President has completed the reshuffling in the administration by appointing plenipotentiaries in the federal districts of the Russian Federation.

Sverdlovsk asset "Rostecha" found sources of income in suits to the Defense Ministry


JSC "Spetsremont" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has already retreated from the claim for 600 million rubles. Now the structure of "Rosteha" Sergei Chemezov require the military 70 million rubles for "using other people's money."

The head of Uralvagonzavod Alexander Potapov recognized the sanctions as "invigorating"


The top manager spoke about wagons, tanks and excavators.

Sergei Chemezov will bring "Uralvagonzavod" to collapse


At the enterprise oppressive atmosphere reigns: workers were cut back by salaries and they are afraid, that the state will stop it to support.

The Armata tank is not ready again


The British edition of The Times noted that the deadlines for the readiness of the "future tank" - the T-14 "Armata" - are once again being transferred to the Russian Federation. Apparently, he will not be put in the troops until the beginning of 2021.

"UVZ-Logistic" will be bought by manager Artem Chaika


"UVZ-Logistic" will be purchased by manager Artem Chaika.

Vladimir Putin reminded the weapons barons about the conversion


President of the Russian Federation Vladimir "Putin" suggested that enterprises of the military-industrial complex should pass to the production of civilian products.

Russian oligarchs prefer to invest abroad


Big business in Russia absolutely lacks even a shade of patriotism. 

Rostec may sell the manufacturer of Armata


 Rostec began searching for an investor for Uralvagonzavod.

Uralvagonzavod received an order for 30 000 railroad cars


Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to buy them within three years at the expense of mobilization budget.

Kurganmashzavod in the grippy hands of Sergey Chemezov


Why Rostec headed by Sergey Chemezov is grabbing a bankrupt plant and how the state corporation will negotiate with Tractor Plants owned by Mikhail Bolotin and Albert Bakov.   

Rogozin asked Putin to change the management of Uralvagonzavod


And to transfer the company itself to Rostec Corporation.

Borrowed life of Uralvagonzavod


Oleg Siyenko forces the defense giant to bankrupt?

Defense industry with a blocked account: what is the dispute between Alfa-Bank and the creator of Armata about


Alfa-Bank arrested RUB 523.5 million on Uralvagonzavod accounts. General Director of Uralvagonzavod Oleg Siyenko in an interview to RBC called the bank's actions "a blackmail".

Uralvagonzavod: the secret of disappearing billions


After the general director of Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko asked the government to provide 50 billion rubles of state guarantees, the experts have suspected that the money may be "carved up". Moreover, the working methods of Mr. Sienko threaten the entire Russian railway coach manufacturing.