US Treasury


Boris Rotenberg vs Finnish bankers


Boris Rotenberg is trying on the strength of the Finnish judicial system, demanding to strike a balance between so respected human rights in Europe and the fear of banks to violate the US sanctions regime. What could be the result of a lawsuit?

Dmitry Rybolovlev earned on the sale of the Trump's estate


A businessman bought an estate in Palm Beach in 2008 for $ 95 million. Dividing it into three parts and selling them separately, he earned about 13 million.

Andrew Intrater came under sanctions because of his cousin Vekselberg


Victor Vekselberg’s cousin Andrew Intrater sued the US Treasury. Because of the sanctions against the billionaire relative, the authorities froze Intrater’s assets. He is confident that this violates the US Constitution.

Oleg Deripaska will lure Western journalists


Lawyers of billionaire Oleg Deripaska will create a fund to pay journalists who will investigate the reasons for getting a businessman under US sanctions. The size of the fund is more than half a million dollars.

The US Treasury gave Oleg Deripaska a fourth reprieve


This was a tactical victory for the hired oligarchs in the US lobbyists. Until January 2019, Washington allowed to cooperate with the toxic Rusal.

GAZ Group is trying to get rid of US sanctions


But for her, getting into the sanctions list, unlike other Deripaska company - UC Rusal is far from being so dramatic.

Viktor Vekselberg will complain about the US


The Russian oligarch called the restrictions imposed by the US authorities "illegal and unfair."

UC Rusal increased exports of aluminum


Consumers buy metal in store for fear of the start of sanctions against the company.

Oleg Deripaska became homeless in the USA


Oleg Deripaska’s assets, including his luxury real estate, have been frozen in the United States.

US sanctions have closed Indonesia for Russian fighters


Russian Su-35s are facing American obstacles in Indonesia.