USM Holdings

USM Holdings. Международная компания. Основана 2012 году. Владельцем и основателем компании является российский бизнесмен Алишер Усманов - 60% акций. Зарегистрирована на Британских Виргинских островах. Род деятельности: USM Holdings управляет активами в сфере металлургии и горнодобычи, а также телекоммуникаций и интернета. Официальный сайт.

Alisher Usmanov will check the wallets of Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital


The structures of the oligarch won the tender of the Moscow metro for processing the fiscal data of passengers, suggesting a negative cost.

In Russia there was the last oligarch


This was told by Alisher Usmanov, who in the US is considered a pro-Kremlin oligarch.

"Rostegh" left Alisher Usmanov one on one with Udokan


The structure of Alisher Usmanov for 10 years of ownership of a license to develop the Udokan copper deposit did nothing.

Alisher Usmanov withdrew from Russia 100 million dollars under the guise of financial assistance to FC Pakhtakor


Representatives of the oligarch said that it was a question of "financial assistance" to the Uzbek football club.

Alisher Usmanov and Alexander Galitsky will pick up the Russian labeling


The Center for Development of Advanced Technologies, which has become a sponsor of the project, will spend 200 billion rubles for 15 years in order to collect forever the fee for each labeled product in Russia.

VTB and Alibaba are ready to cooperate


The deal will combine the competencies of the participants.

Alisher Usmanov entered the top ten wealthiest businessmen in the UK


The Times included Usmanov as one of the ten richest people in the UK. His state newspaper estimated at 10.556 billion pounds (14.29 billion dollars). Group will have new co-owners


This is Rostek and Gazprombank.

Forbes published a rating of 200 richest businessmen in Russia


Forbes magazine published the 15th updated rating of Russia's 200 richest businessmen, whose overall condition is estimated at $ 485 billion.

How many Russian oligarchs will lose from US sanctions


The US imposed sanctions against seven Russian businessmen on the Forbes list. All assets of their assets in the US are frozen. Citizens of the United States are forbidden to enter into any business relations with them.

Telia has ended the call


The Scandinavian company sold a stake in MegaFon to Gazprombank.

Russian nouveau riches in the crosshairs of British legislation


What should expect the Russian billionaires in the context of the fight against money laundering in the UK.

Who will inherit the money of the Russian nouveaux riches


What Russian billionaires say about the fate of their capitals. 

Wiretapping Citadel: how FSB and Interior Ministry generals will help Usmanov's partner


Boris Miroshnikov, formerly head of the K department of the Interior Ministry, who became known for the cause of Yevgeny Chichvarkin, came to the Citadel holding, which is specialized in information security, and another FSB general could follow. 

The most expensive planes of Russian oligarchs


What the Russian oligarchs use to move their bodies around the world.

Turbulent transaction: Alisher Usmanov did not sell, and Mikhail Gutseriev did not buy


The deal on the sale of "Sladkovsko-Zarechny", which owns oil fields, could pass on an estimate of $270 million.

Billionaire blogger: why Usmanov decided to fight Navalny on his field


Billionaire Alisher Usmanov responded to Alexey Navalny's investigation in a manner quite unexpected for himself and other high-ranking involvants of FBK's investigation: the video blog format. "First Channel Generation" begins to understand that the Internet has become a significant information platform, which can not be ignored, experts say.

Alisher Usmanov spat on Alexey Navalny


The main fighter against corruption in Russia forced the oligarch to become a video blogger.

Keys from Udokan


How's Navalny's movie "He's not Dimon" is associated with Iskander Makhmudov, and when Alisher Usmanov will finally give copper to the country. 

The richest people of Russia in the Forbes global ranking 2017


List of most wealthy Russians for the second consecutive year is headed by the co-owner of "Novatek" and "Sibur" Leonid Michelson.

"Sponsorship" business of Usmanov


Alisher Usmanov has sponsored the British Everton at $92 million. The owner of the club, along with Solntsevo gang members and a billionaire philanthropist are doing business together.

Megafon to get control over Group


However, the analysts say it doesn't need control to establish the partnership with the Internet holding.   

MegaFon in contact with


The mobile operator is ready to buy control over the Internet company.

Alisher Usmanov may lose the status of a tax resident in Russia


Businessman Alisher Usmanov has spent most of 2015 abroad. But in order to be considered a tax resident in Russia it is required to live in the country at least six months.

Potanin became the richest Russian in the Forbes global ranking


He's $2.8 billion richer than the former leader Alisher Usmanov.