Volkswagen. Автомобильный концерн. Основана 1937 году. Главными акционерами являются Porshe - 52,2% акций, Правительство земли Нижняя Саксония - 20% акций, а также Qatar Holding - 17% акций. Штаб-квартиры располагаются в Вольфсбурге (Германия) и Лозанне (Швейцария). Род деятельности: Разработка и производство автомобильной техники. В состав концерна входят 12 дочерних компаний в том числе Audi AG, Automobili Lamborgini, Bentley Motors, MAN, Porsche и другие. В 2014 году году чистая прибыль составила 10,85 миллиардов евро. В штате числится более 500 тысяч человек. Официальный сайт

Volkswagen left Deripaska


GAZ will lose a partner in Volkswagen.

Deripaska will leave GAZ in Volkswagen


Oleg Deripaska's farewell to the GAZ group is coming to an end.

GAZ Group is trying to get rid of US sanctions


But for her, getting into the sanctions list, unlike other Deripaska company - UC Rusal is far from being so dramatic.

Sberbank CIB will give Gett a loan for $ 100 million and become its co-owner


The taxi service has planned an active expansion.

Dieselgate will cost Volkswagen $15 billion in the US


Cars will be repurchased or repaired, their owners will receive $5000-10000 of compensation, which is not promised to the Europeans.

"Dieselgate": where the new head of Volkswagen leads the carmaker


The "diesel scandal" delivered a serious blow to the reputation of Volkswagen and threatens the German concern with billions in fines. RBC looks into the attempts of the new head of VW Matthias Müller to improve the situation.

A mechanic from Porsche: who was assigned to clean Volkswagen's reputation


New Director of Volkswagen is the head of Porsche Matthias Mueller. Born in East Germany, an ambitious manager was able to bring the luxury car maker out of the crisis. Now he has to clean up the reputation of the entire Volkswagen Group.

Scandal around Volkswagen will cost the car industry dearly


It can bury diesel cars.

What caused Volkswagen to organize a fraud in California


Two versions of why the company management decided to commit a crime, provoking the biggest scandal in its history.