David Yakobashvili fears returning to Russia


The businessman refuses to return to Russia after a search in his museum, now he is in France.

David Iakobashvili invested $ 10 million in Telegram


David Yakobashvili, one of the founders of Wimm-Bill-Dann, invested $ 10 million in Telegram during the preliminary ICO project in January. This is the second Russian investor, who reported on participation in the equity of the messenger.

Rosselkhoznadzor decided to unleash a confrontation with the milk-based concern "Wimm-Bill-Dann"


The Rosselkhoznadzor decided to unleash a confrontation with the milk-based concern Wimm-Bill-Dann.

IPO of Delivery Hero brought 85 million euro for billionaires Boguslavsky and Yushvayev


The delivery service of the meal was successful.

The path of "black" Vdovin


How Andrey Vdovin professionally ravages banks.

Yogurt substitution: how the former development director of "Wimm-Bill-Dann" started to produce light bulbs


Perhaps there would be no production, if PepsiCo did not agree to purchase Wimm-Bill-Dann in 2010. Denis Frolov started to think that if he had experience in plant modernization and preparation of new projects, why not to try to open his own business?

Kira Plastinina network received dozens of lawsuits totaling 45 million rubles


From the start of the year, Kira Plastinina network has received dozens of complaints from the owners of shopping centers totaling more than 45 million rubles. Sales of clothing and footwear retailers fell badly in the crisis, and they started a "war" with the landlords.

First after Baturina: a co-owner of FrutoNyanya entered the Forbes list


According to Forbes, there are two women in the ranking of the richest Russians for the first time.