S7 Space was trapped with missiles for the "Sea Launch"


RSC Energia can not provide Vladislav Filev with cheap and reliable Soyuz-5 missiles. Therefore, launch will have Ukrainian missiles "Zenith", which will be purchased from the Ukrainian "Yuzhmash". The only problem is that these missiles do not exist yet.

The US was not intimidated by rail missiles


In Russia, the development of combat railway complexes of a new generation has been discontinued.

North Korean missiles have Ukrainian roots


Drawings of missile engines were probably obtained by Kim Jong-un from Igor Kolomoisky and Anton Gerashchenko.

Engines unsuitable for a space contract


The agreement between S7 Group and Yuzhmash on the supply of Zenith rockets raised questions.

Russian Strategic Missile Forces named after Kolomoisky


Oligarch and the governor Igor Kolomoisky essentially cancelled the prohibition of the Ukrainian government for the continuation of the military and technical cooperation with Russia.