Blow under Progress


Who will get control of the Russian space.

Leaving "El Dorado": will Czech billionaire Petr Kellner go away from Russia?


The owner of the largest fortune in the Czech Republic amounting to $11.4 billion, Petr Kellner, sells Eldorado, home appliances electronics retail chain, but says that he sees prospects on the Russian market, despite the crisis and sanctions.

Bogus stories: what is known about president's friend Sergey Roldugin


Six facts about the life and business of the famous musician, who, according to Kremlin sources, is at the center of a new information attack on the Russian leader.

Who Vladimir Putin had to deal with


Vedomosti studied the heroes of Maxim Freidson's story: who was out of the game, who achieved career growth and what does the Russian president have to do with it.

In February, Putin and his assistants decided that Russia's economy would survive the annexation of Crimea


The president and his entourage decided that foreign exchange reserves are large enough to suffer the consequences of possible sanctions and Western countries will not persist.

The US suspects billionaire Gennady Timchenko of money laundering


Prosecutors in the US check the financial transactions related to Russian billionaire Gennady Timchenko who had been included into the sanctions list, for possible money laundering, said the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing several unnamed sources.

The founder of Liberty Reserve extradited to the US


The main defendant in the case of the establishment of a payment system, Ukraine-born 40-year-old Arthur Budovsky, was taken under escort to New York; on Tuesday he will come to trial. 

Two cases of Yukos: why the defeat of Russia in the ECHR is more dangerous than the defeat in the Hague


The decision to pay €1,86 billion awarded by the ECHR to former Yukos shareholders may have much more serious implications than a verdict on $50 billion by the Hague Tribunal. Both for the Russian budget and its judicial system.

Putin awarded oligarchs and state companies managers for the Olympics


As it became known to "Vedomosti", President Vladimir Putin's closed decree awarded businessmen and heads of state-owned companies with orders for the preparation of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Flightless "Roskosmos"


Dmitry Medvedev has dismissed the first deputy head of "Roskosmos" Oleg Frolov.