Abyzov Mikhail


Alfa Bank will answer for Abyzov


The money withdrawn by Abyzov abroad was converted into $ 115 million and invested in the TON blockchain platform. Alfa-Bank later turned some of them into its own property.

Abyzov revealed himself to the wrong


The Gagarin court explained why it was withdrawing 33 billion rubles from the ex-minister.

Mikhail Abyzov lost 32 billion in half a day


His assets, worth an unprecedented amount, were confiscated at an unprecedented rate.

Mikhail Abyzov will get into 400 volumes of his case


The Investigative Committee finished the case of the ex-minister of the "open government".

Mikhail Abyzov fell into a neuralgic disorder


Former Minister Mikhail Abyzov, who has been in jail since March 2019, was again extended his arrest - he will stay in Lefortovo for at least another two months.

How Mikhail Abyzov made a network


One of the customers of Swedbank, accused of money laundering, turned out to be Russian ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov, more than $ 800 million went through his offshore network.

Mikhail Fridman reaches out to Abyzov's Singaporean assets


Alfa-Bank, famous for its reputation as a ruthless lender, is pursuing former Minister Mikhail Abyzov not only in Russia but also abroad.

Abyzov's children miss London apartments and a villa in Tuscany


Former Minister Mikhail Abyzov, languishing in the dungeons of Lefortovo, does not cry even when he peels the bow for his cellmates.

Mikhail Abyzov complains of slow investigators


The details of the September interrogation of the ex-minister of open government became known.

Mikhail Abyzov sewed a new business


How the charges under Article 289 will affect the fate of the former minister.

Yan Ryazantsev and Mikhail Chuchkevich stole 1.3 billion rubles in venture capital


For the theft of budget funds, former member of the board of the Russian venture company Yan Ryazantsev and former senior adviser Anatoly Chubais in Rusnano and Mikhail Excholzhenko, partner of the former minister for Open Government Mikhail Chuchkevich, were arrested.

Who entered and who left the government of Russia


In the new government, ten vice-premiers and twenty-one ministers, and five vice-premiers and nine ministers left.

Mikhail Abyzov was kicked out of the government


Mikhail Abyzov will not join the new government, sources told RBC. Since 2012, he oversaw the work of the "open government".

Who got in the "Kremlin report" of the US Treasury


In the "Kremlin report" of the US Treasury, there are more than 200 people: officials, heads of state companies and billionaires.

Andrei Melnichenko is ready to buy an energy company from Mikhail Abyzov


After the deal, Russia will have a new largest consumer of coal.