Agalarov Araz


Araz Agalarov imposed sanctions on Armenian goods


How long will the power structures turn a blind eye to the possible "provocations" of billionaires.

Emin Agalarov got down from the wheels


Emin Agalarov, vice president of Crocus Group and son of billionaire Araz Agalarov, said that he had to sell personal cars to help the business in crisis.

Agalarov sinking Crocus Group


According to billionaire Araz Agalarov, at the expense of his own funds and a new loan, his business will be able to "stretch" a month, and then you can’t do without state support.

Emin Agalarov complained of imminent bankruptcy


Due to the crisis, the son of Araz Agalarov predicted the company Crocus Group ruin after three months.

Sergey Kelbakh could cause Avtodor damage by 2 billion rubles


The criminal case against the former head of Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh is connected with violations during the construction of the Central Ring Road. He was suspected of exceeding his authority, including when transferring an advance to “Crocus” Araz Agalarov.

Sergey Kelbakh will leave the high road


He will leave the post of head of the state company Avtodor. The decision was made against the background of claims by the control authorities on how the project for the construction of the Central Ring Road in Moscow Region is being implemented.

Aras Agalarov recognized as a poor builder


The oligarch’s structures failed to disprove that the stadium built by them in Rostov-on-Don could collapse at any moment.

Pavel Te, Samvel Karapetyan and Araz Agalarov milk the budget of My Street in Moscow


In 2017, the Moscow government spent 243.8 billion rubles to improve the city, of which 37.6 billion went to the My Street program. Thanks to it, the contractors of the mayor's office - Capital Group Pavel Teo, the group "Tashir" Samvel Karapetyan and the structure of billionaire Araz Agalarov - turned the Russian capital into an eternal construction site with a poor quality of work.

Democratic Party sues Araz Agalarov


The head of Crocus Group is one of the defendants on the suit about interference in the election of the American president. The billionaire company is comprised of the Russian government, the GRU, the Trump election headquarters and the WikiLeaks resource.

Kings of Russian real estate earned over $ 8 billion in rent for the year


The newcomer of the rating this year could become Sergey Gordeyev, whom the real estate market players consider the owner of the Columbus shopping center.